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Tiffany Fu is a designer whose passion is to create streamlined and beautiful solutions for our everyday environments.  Whether it be a restaurant, workplace, lobby, residence, or any other project type, Tiffany strongly believes in understanding the behavioral and psychological nuances of how people use space to inform the design strategies and techniques for a project.  

Tiffany was born and raised in Los Angeles, before she moved to Boston to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  There she received a B.S. Management Science from the Sloan School of Management as well as a B.S. Art and Design from the School of Architecture and Planning.  Tiffany continued on to Philadelphia for a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.  Upon graduation she was awarded the Paul Philippe Cret Medal, one of the highest honors given in the architecture program.

As Project Designer at Snøhetta, Tiffany strives to design projects with cultural significance and social meaning.  She has experience working on a variety of scales, ranging from furniture detailing to building massing, from interior design to master planning.  


What does she do otherwise?  She trains for running half-marathons, blogs, meditates in yoga poses, and walks her two dogs.  Meet Ponyo and YoYo Fu.