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Located in a high fashion district of Omotesando-Tokyo, Japan, this urban club draws inspiration directly from its eclectic surroundings. Five spaces including bars, lounges, VIP capsules, a smoking room, and a dance floor, each with distinct qualities and atmospheres, were developed through lighting, material shifts, and various accumulation strategies. This Tokyo night club hosts many extremely contrasting atmospheres for different uses throughout the day and night. At night, teenage clubbers are encouraged to take the alley entry to the loud and exciting spaces where the bar and dance club areas are. These spaces are highly saturated with color, contain edgy geometry, and use directed streak and point lighting.The silky space has very fluid geometry that wraps the space without any corners. The elements gather and bifurcate to create this ephemeral and calming atmosphere. A ruffly space is nested within a silky space. These are both soft spaces using back lighting, but the silky space has cool lighting, while the ruffly uses warm lighting. They are each able to maintain their own individual atmospheres because of their drastic scale differences.


*in collaboration with William Bryant Netter


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