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Drape and Bloom

This mixed-use tower consists of a blooming interior hosted by a draping exterior. The interior spaces of the building transform as one travels up the tower, allowing for a variety of program types to be accommodated in this adaptive structure. The building hosts commercial / retail at the ground floors, and offices, artist studios, as well as luxury residential units towards the top.Blooming, transformative activity is enclosed by a series of exterior, structural petals that elegantly wrap the building. From a distance, the individual mullions are illegible and all one can read is the overall “draping” geometry of the building. This provides a fascinating anonymity to the dynamic workings within. From the interior on a smaller scale, the mullions are scaled to the human experience and easily allow users to customize their personal spaces. The petals also attribute to the noticeable transformation in the floor plates that coincide with the different stages of the bloom.


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