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Lacing Light

This spiritual sanctuary mediates building skin with structure to lace various techniques for transforming light.  Located in a low-rise district in sunny Miami, light can be generously played with to create layers of shadows and patterns.  The fluid transformation of light throughout the project creates an ethereal and airy effect, much like lace or chiffon fabric.  The three main elements of the building are the SEAMS, STITCHES, and PLEATS.  Seams are the overall guidelines that dictate the form of the design.  Seams bifurcate and converge in sinuous lines so that the massing can make way for stitches or pleats to be explicitly expressed in the building.  Pleats occur when the building fabric is folded a repeated number of times.  This can either be expressed through the stitching or the building fabric itself.  Stitches serve as filigree elements that adapt to the curvature of the building form.  As the seams fluidly move, the stitches are stretched or compressed accordingly.  The stitch density determines the permeability of light into the spaces, filtering and scattering light to create a dynamic and airy atmosphere.


The west facade faces the urban parts of Miami.  It keeps a flush profile to keep a distinguished massing, segregating the inner-focused, spiritual interior from the chaos of the city.  The east facade overlooks the ocean, which is a welcome feature into the sanctuary.  The facade pushes in and out, allowing for multiple patios and other program to interact with the gentle waves on the beach.  Waves and sand flow into the lower patio to segue the lower gathering spaces with the ocean

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