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Reflecting Connectedness

Disconnect and dissociation are feelings patients experience upon learning they are HIV positive, yet reality violently pulls them back as they must deal with doctors, medications, and costs. They are rarely afforded the opportunity to step back and view their humanity and inherent connectedness to others in the third-person. This memorial allows them to reflect privately as they visualize themselves in the context of people and nature. When visitors stroll through the Mirror Gallery, their park experience seamlessly continues into this interior space. Within this mirror gallery, one has complete privacy from the outside, since both walls reflect the outside. To one side, the one-way mirror wall displays the park on the other side of the glass. Opposite that wall, a two-way mirror allows visitors to see their own reflection within the context of the reflection of the park. It is this moment that reveals his oneness with nature. The park seems to go on indefinitely, as the reflections of this natural environment blur the boundaries between outside and inside. Here one can privately reflect on his inherent connectedness with the world.



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