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Stripping Connections

Extensive site research was conducted on multiple scales, analyzing Philadelphia economic housing data as well as people flows and patterns. Studying the traffic flows of different people types was significant since the site acts as a bridge connecting two streets with very differing characteristics. A number of infographics were created to inspire the program for the site, a live-work theatre for dancers. The architecture was informed by both contextual and programmatic concerns. Traffic flows through the site induced the smooth, linear nature of the building. Foot traffic through the site is encouraged by the building’s small footprint, only touching the ground with two feet, the dance theatres. Meanwhile, stripping connections promote vertical interactions. Establishing interconnectivity within the building is made possible by creating stripped connections between floors. Depending on the degree of movement a program suggests, the strips vary in size accordingly. Spaces such as the dance studio and stage have a high degree of stripping. The private residences at the top are enclosed by a mesh skin., whose pattern varies with the amount of the openness required within each unit.


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